What are the strings in c++?

What Are the Strings in C++?

Do you know what is string in C++? Have you ever thought what are the possible methods to implement string in C++?

Do you have the knowledge to play with the string in C++? Let us know some interesting facts about the string in C++.

Though along with that we have to implement a program to better understand the usability of string in C++. But before we start moving to the original content, let us think about the necessity of the sting in C++.

Let us assume one scenario of our daily life to better understand the application.

Suppose, in your school, you are talking with your friends. But instead of talking in a sentence, you are talking in the words.

Like, if you want to ask “How Are You?”, you are asking differently. Like ‘H’, ‘O’, ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘R’ in this way. This means you are pronouncing every word instead of the sentence.

Can you assume how much difficult to express your feelings? Can you think how much effort you need to put into expressing your feeling?

It will be a tough task to express your feeling in such a way. The same thing goes for the string in C++. If you are going to express your code output alphabetically. That is going to be very irritating.

In this context, we are going to have a look at this topic. But before that let us first know about the string in C++.



What Is String In C++? Read Below


String in C++ is the basic instrument in the C++ programming language. Strings are a sequence of characters. We can’t able to implement every character in the program. Instead of that, we can take the help of the string. Strings are the sentences that we use in our daily life.

Like in our daily life, we used to talk in sentences. We don’t use the alphabet to express our feelings. Strings are the same thing. They are the combination of the characters. There are spaces to indicate the stop in between each word. The string is the most important topic in programming languages.

The string helps to take the names of any object. As the names are made with the characters. Not only the names but all the documents which have many characters in their name can also be accepted by the string. This is the reason strings are the most important substances. We have to be very clear in the basics of the string in C++.



What are the Applications Of String In C++?


Strings have many applications in C++ programming languages. Strings can perform several special operations. These operations increase the usability of the strings. The operations of the strings are:

  1. Copy The Strings
  2. Concatenate The Strings
  3. Find The Length Of The Strings
  4. Find Similarity Of the Strings

These are the main four operations of the strings. Among them, the first three are the most important operations. They play an important role there. Copy of the strings helps to make a copy of the collected string. We can concatenate two or more strings into one string also. We can also find the length of the string.

In every case where there is an involvement of the string, there must any of the operations be present.


Implementation Of String In C++:


What are the strings in c++?



There are two ways to implement the string in C++. In one case, we have to use every alphabet of the string to make the complete string. On the other hand, we have to include the string header file form performing the easiest operation.

Let us try to make the list of the methods to implement the string in C++:

  1. Without Using Special Header File
  2. Using Special Header File

Let us know about each of them one by one briefly.



Implementation Of String In C++ Without Using Special Header File:


In this case, we need to first declare a character array. This array will act as the string. Here, we have taken one character array. We have written the alphabet of the strings there.

At last, we have written the ‘\0’. This will indicate the end of the string. Then we have to print it.



#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main () {

            char example[9] = {'C', 'o', 'd', 'i', 'g', 'Z', 'a', 'p', '\0'}; // Declaring The String

            cout << "Output Message: "<< example << endl; // Printing The String

            return 0;}


Implementation Of String In C++ Using Special Header File:


Here, we have to include a special header file. This header file will help to declare strings in a better manner. We have to declare one string. Then we have to print that. This is a relatively easy way to implement.

#include <iostream>

#include <string> // Special Header File

using namespace std;

int main () {

            string example = "CodingZap"; // Declaring The String

            cout << "Output Message: "<< example << endl; // Printing The String

            return 0;}

Let’s look at the output of the above two codes. They will produce the same output. Hence, we come to know about the string in C++.



Special Header File Output


Play With String In C++:


Here, we will implement a code in such a way that it can perform some operations on the strings. There are many operations present. But in this case, we will implement some of them. Usually, those operations can be performed by specific functions. Those are the important functions. But along with that, there is another way to use those. This method is relatively easier than the earlier one.

Here first, we have to declare some strings. These strings will help to do some operations. Also, this implementation will help to understand it in a better manner.

First, we need to make a copy from another string. This is a very easy task in C++. We need to use the assignment operator for performing this. This is the same as an integer copy.

General Syntax: string1 = string2;

Then we will try to concatenate the strings. This is similar to the addition of the integers. Concatenation means to add two or more strings.

General Syntax: string1 + string2;

Also, we can find the length of the provided string. There is a specific operation that will help to perform this.

General Syntax: string1.size();



#include <iostream>

#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main () {

            string x = "CodingZap ";

            string y = "Is My Love";

            string z;

            int  a ;

            // Copy Of The String

            z = x;

            cout << "After Copying: " << z << endl;

            // Concatenation Of The Strings

            z = x + y;

            cout << "After Concatenation: " << z << endl;

            // Length Of The String After Concatenation

            a = z.size();

            cout << "Length Of String After Concatenation:  " << a << endl;

            return 0;}

Let’s look at the output of the above. Hence, we come to know about the string in C++.



Play with string in c++ output




As we saw string in C++ is very important.

We have to remember the usability of the string in C++. This will help in the future.

First, we need to clear the basics of the C++ programming language. It is a very important task for every beginner.

So, hope you have liked this piece of article. Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know if we can improve more.

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